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Trulicity (also known as Dulaglutide) is a treatment for people with Type 2 diabetes.


Today, I’m going to talk about Dulaglutide or Trulicity. And specifically I want to show you how to use this pen so you can administer it safely and easily.
So this is a new product used widely around the world and it contains a compound called Dulaglutide. And Dulaglutide is essentially a naturally occuring human chemical called GLP-1 or Glucagon-like protein 1.
And GLP-1’s are in essence chemicals that the body produces in response to food. And it does 3 things, if you eat, it increases insulin production out of the pancreas, which helps lower your blood sugar after eating. It also interestingly reduces the amount of sugar that the liver is producing.
Typically the liver produces sugar, and it does this when you are in periods of starvation. So if you like, it is a storage mechanism that can release sugar when your blood sugars are low and then suck it up when your blood sugars are high. In people with Type 2 diabetes, that process is completely impaired and the liver just produces too much sugar.
The third action, which I think is also critical, is it causes a person to feel full. In other words, it increases satiety.
So after eating, what you want to do is increase your insulin reduce the liver sugar and feel full.
All of those 3 things are done by GLP-1 and this is a version of GLP-1.
One of the clever things about re-packaging GLP-1 and changing slightly the way the molecule is and binding it up to, in this case, an antibody, is that you can change the duration of action. And Trulicity is given once a week.
So in order to do it effectively, you choose a day, let’s say it is Sunday, something you can remember. Remember, you want to put something in your phone so that you get a reminder each week and you don’t forget.
You administer it once a week, and that’s done. Pretty simple.
Now let’s just look a little bit about how to administer. On the end of this is a cap, and you would remove the cap. And the needle actually is there but you won’t see it because it is hidden within the device, which is quite clever.
The other couple of things to say is that there is a lock which is a red triangle and an open and that is so you don’t fire the product accidentally when you don’t mean to. So we might look at that in more detail.
This is a dummy device, but it does highlight exactly how it gets used.
So essentially you take off the cap, you put it against your skin, you move to the unlock position, and press the button. And you know when it’s done when you hear the second click. Which will happen any second now. There it is.
That is safely and easily disposed of in the bins in the normal way
But beyond that simple, easy and likely to achieve for a lot of people pretty good sugar control with a bit of weight loss.


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Preston Routh November 27, 2019 at 8:48 am

Very professional video, what is the week time frame exactly? Is it 5 or a 7 day week? And after pulling the medication from the fridge, do you have to wait for it to reach room temperature ?


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