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Have you been working on a presentation in PowerPoint 2013 when, along the way, you suddenly encountered a problem? This video teaches a very useful feature of PowerPoint 2013 that addresses almost every question imaginable–PowerPoint Help. There are 2 kinds of searching for help in PowerPoint 2013–Online Help and Offline Help. Find out how to invoke PowerPoint Help, how to navigate along the pages of browser-based online help, how to increase the size of the text, and other topics to get you started such as keyboard shortcuts, free training, learning PowerPoint basics, using PowerPoint Web App, and tips for tablets. If you’re not connected to the Internet, you can still get help on some topics through the Offline Help. Learn all these and more in this tutorial!

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Welcome back to our course on PowerPoint 2013. In this section, we’re going to look at Help and Help has actually changed quite significantly in Office 2013 in general. For example, if you’ve used, say, Office 2010 including PowerPoint 2010 in Backstage View, you would’ve seen an option down here for Help. There is no such option in Office 2013. Instead, there is a fairly consistent way of obtaining help which is this little question mark here brings up the appropriate help. Now you notice this with the screen tip here, Microsoft PowerPoint Help and then in brackets F1. F1 is the keyboard shortcut to bring up Help. So wherever I am if I press the F1 key on my keyboard, I invoke Help.

Now what we have here is the online Help for PowerPoint 2013 and one of the options here is Search online Help. This is basically a browser based system of help and wherever you are, whatever you see when you fire up this online help, you can search for help on any topic related to PowerPoint 2013. But depending on where you actually invoked Help either by clicking that question mark or pressing, the F1 key the Help is generally contextual in nature. That is it tries to give you help on what you’re doing at this time. Now when I press the F1 key just now, I was looking at the Info category within Backstage View, Protect presentation, Inspect presentation, versions, and so on. And if you look at the Help, you’ll see that the topics on the Help I can see here generally relate to those subjects. If in fact I wanted help on something all together different, so for example let’s suppose I happen to be on that page but I wanted to find out about templates which are nothing to do with that page really, I could just type in here Templates and then press the magnifier and Help searches for Help topics related to templates.

Now when I find a particular topic, say, this one, Where do I find templates, the link then takes me through to the online help related to templates. So let’s just try that. If I click on Where do I find templates, there is the Help topic. I can work my way through that. There will be further links within that to take me through to other information and also things like tips in an Office 2013 program choose a template from the new start screen.

Now as I work my way through the Help trying to find the help that I need, as I mentioned earlier this is a browser based system so I can press the back arrow here to go back a page. When I’ve gone back a page, I can press the arrow to go forward a page. There is a Print button there if I want to print a particular topic. And if I want to increase the size of the font, the text that I’m looking at when I’m reading the help, there’s a button here “Use large text” which will give me the help in a larger text form. Click it again to go back down to the regular size. At any time, I can go back to Home on the Help by clicking on this Home button.

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paul chahal December 29, 2019 at 2:34 am

Presentation was great.

However, for my system, on PowerPoint 2013, the PowerPoint Help's Home does not show much info. It shows only one line: "Use the search box to tell what you are looking for…"

Is there some setting that users have to do, to get full page on Home page of Help. You were showing "Link for more learning" etc. 

Thanks for great free teaching!


dj82000 December 29, 2019 at 2:34 am

Hey is it possible to pass on free coupon to watch from Session 11 onwards.


Designer-Tamil December 29, 2019 at 2:34 am

thank you .do you have any free coupon


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