October 16, 2019


#MastersinAustralia #Internash #studyInAustralia Australia is one of the top destinations for students from all over the world to do their masters from. Masters in Austraia is becoming increasingly popular due to many of top 100 universities such as University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of New South Wales and University of Sydney.

In this video we have explained how is the masters experience in Australia. Our host Devarshi Desai who is a Monash University pass out gives his overall experience of how it is like to do Masters in Australia and that also also applicable to do bachelors in Australia as an international student from India.

In this video, three different types of international students are mentioned and explained in detail what are the experiences of international students in Australia

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37 thoughts on “MASTERS IN AUSTRALIA | INTERNASH | study in Australia

  1. I would be happy if someone can help me out here.

    Can i get PR after doing MS in Business Analytics ?
    I heard it falls under ICT Business Analyst.

  2. Hi.!
    I just want the information for masters of social welfare its importance in Australia and the possibility of PR with masters of social welfare are higher?
    Please help me out

  3. Bro Australia universities anyway not going to give any placements right then what is the need to get admission in a good UNIVERSITY instead of it I can go for some other universities with reduced fee right

  4. Hi my name is ARYAN SHRIVASTAVA and I'm currently a bachelors student at amity university Mumbai DOIng BBA, I want to know what is the scope of sports management in Australia for masters and jobs in the same since I'm planning to move to Deakin university as they are known for best sports management master's worldwide. What's your opinion, hope this comment is reviewed by you. Have a great day!

  5. I'm planning to take MPA+MBA from James Cook University, Is James Cook University one of the top universities in Australia?
    and after completing this can I get a job very easily in Australia itself and getting a PR (I doesn't have any work experience)

  6. I have a question – is it true that I'm allowed to work for 2 year in australia after i graduated from my bachelor's as an international student?

  7. Hello bro! I have just completed my bba .. and I’m from Hyderabad (india). And i jus wanted to fly to Australia for my MBA. As i heard from people is that there are no jobs in Australia and they’re recommending me to go to USA or UK. I’m damn confused.. it would be really helpful if u can call me +91 9849898678. Me n my mom really like ur frankness in ur videos.. thanks in adavance 🙂

  8. Can you make videos on SOP and how to write a strong SOP and state the reason why they're asking to redo it? Please mate. 🍻

  9. If i want to transfer to either university of Sydney or Melbourne, what are the steps i must take?
    I am currently studying in a local australian university and already completed 6 months and passed with HD in all my modules.

  10. Hi Devarshi, congrats on completing your masters. Have you got any full time job in your field since you have completed your studies.

  11. Congrats Bro…..ur videos are very helpful…can u plz make a video on how much gap is acceptable after graduation..I want to study my further studies in Australia..I have one and half year gap…

  12. Have heard that studying in regional uni gives us 5 PR points,are there good part times in regional areas for most students and also about job opportunities

  13. Hi
    I became be fan to you bro
    Make a video on requirements civil engineering
    And one more your speech and volum are speed and high its not much clear then your old videos

  14. Hey, I'm planning to go to Australia for July 2020 intake. Could you tell what are the top 10 jobs in demand in Australia?

  15. Sir Aapne IELTS exam Ki preparation kaha se Kari thi… I mean Which is the Best Institute According to you For IELTS ????

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