October 18, 2019

Massospora #deadbutt

John Derby and Travis Spencer explore the horrifying result of the amphetamine + psilocybin cocktail that the parasitic fungi massospora gives to its host, the cicada. Then, at 14:22, they discuss strange news events including a woman falling into a meat grinder, Australia’s kitty cat massacre, Whitey Bulger’s official cause of death, big money for grass clippings from Kanye’s Sunday service at Coachella, and some stupid story about Bieber… At 43:38, Jesse McIntosh lauds John’s ability to extract fecal matter stories. At 45:15, your Facebook World News Update and Massospora REMIX! At 47:59, Deb Loftis ties together John Lennon’s tooth and the soup Nazi! Finally, at 53:58, Wolf Shitzer returns to report on the latest from the Shituation Room. #deadbutt

source: https://otrasnoviaxeiro.com/

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