October 16, 2019

47 thoughts on “Jungkook says who his life partner is, taekook are wilding (Taekook vkookv analysis)

  1. idk sometimes i'm watching a taekook video and thinks "holy fuck I'm so grateful for my friend for showing me taekook just look those gays"

    taekook married huh

  2. Eu queria legenda em espanhol e ou português, não tô conseguindo depois de alguns minutos! Eu amo de mais Taekook 💕

  3. Unnieee, please help ME, i need to find your video (the Live of taehyun) where you talk about taehyun feeling sad/tired, because I want to show it to my friends. Please help meeeee

  4. No entiendo xq un pedacito del vídeo está con subtítulos y el resto del vídeo no, y xq el título del vídeo está en español e inglés????

  5. Ok when u say jk kept commenting on v posts what app is this and why cant i follow them?? Like actually tho is it twitter??

  6. 3:51 Is it necessary to sit like that Jungkook? U just need to sit and facing camera, not facing your love 😂💜

  7. In the Vlive Jk broadcast when he was drinking wine in the minute 11.57 when he clink the cup to the "screen" in fact someone in the other side puts the bottle of wine and clink it instead.

  8. Gửi đến bạn sub tiếng Việt. Cách dịch của bạn thật sự hơi khó hiểu bạn ơi. Cứ như là lấy đem tra lên gg dịch vậy đó. Bạn hãy dịch theo cách nói chuyện bình thường ấy, đừng phụ thuộc quá nhiều vào công cụ trên mạng. Hi vọng bạn thấy cmt của mình và sửa lỗi nha. Yêu bạn 💜

    To the Viet translator. The way you trans this into Vietnam is extremely difficult to understand, just like you put this by gg trans. On my opinion, i think you need to trans it like how VNese talk in daily life. Hope you see my comment and fix it, if you a Vietnamese. In case you're foreigner, i think this is still a chance to improve your Vietnamese. Love you 💜

  9. 4:55 lmao me and my sister used to take pictures of our feet in the air and send it in our groupchat and say ballerina toes

  10. Someone try to tell me that taekook is not real and you will not like what I do to you
    *psycho smile while imagine taekook reaction to this vid*

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