Round fiberstone pot

Round fiberstone planter is a modern European-style basin, often encountered in liberal and attractive Western architectural works. This sample of pots not only attracts domestic customers and this model also receives the welcome of foreign markets.

fiberstone pot plant

Hieta garden fiberstone planter is favored and selected because it is a product worth using thanks to outstanding factors such as durable quality, long life, is the ideal environment for growing trees. High quality materials, durable and good resistance. Modern design, suitable for all spaces, easy to choose a tree shape. The price is super cheap.
Lightweight fiberstone pots owns the traditional basin shape, such as a bucket of water, a very rustic color basin, keeping the original color of the material, cement color. This sample of pots is usually arranged in garden spaces or modern furniture thanks to the simple looks and elegant colors filled with harmony. If you are a lover of rustic beauty, H010-011-S4 is definitely a pot that brings absolute satisfaction for your home space.
The H010-011-S4, with its simple design, keeping the original color intact, was a bold idea that seemed too monotonous and boring. However, this is a very wonderful pots to enhance the unique beauty of ornamental plants, creating a sense of comfort and lightness for those who admire. That is the reason why fiberstone pots are always favored.
For modern spaces, the presence of this fiberstone plant pots is an impressive feature of the interior. This sample of pots with superior properties makes your space more luxurious. You will enjoy a peaceful elegant life in a European style with a classy model of this cute interior decoration.

Information about Round fiberstone pot :
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: Simple gray.
– Simple, delicate and unique design with sand rough surface.
– Used for garden, living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 75 × 82; 62 × 72; 55 × 62; 45 × 52

Garden cement jar pot

The beautiful pots will help your space always full of colors, bringing fresh and vibrant wind. Sometimes the beautiful pots also help you arrange and apply to decorate the house more beautifully.

concrete pot jar

Hieta garden pot jar with modern design, luxurious colors and extremely comfortable price will help you spoil your loved house decoration more impressive. This is also a pot model suitable for all spaces, often found in modern Western style designs.
This jar pot is made from high quality concrete material, this material has many advantages, overcoming most of the disadvantages of traditional materials, and has a very long life, easy to clean. should always be shiny. this HIeta garden’s product has very high durability, is quite light and the material surface is also very beautiful. Not only crafted from high-quality materials but also the H012-077-PC pots are highly appreciated for its exterior design, the pots are designed like a water jars with the handles on both sides very convenient for handling. hold, move. Above the pot is the accent of soft butterflies fluttering beautifully, making the overall product beautiful and impressive.
Concrete pots brings with it the exquisite, luxurious and eye-catching beauty that makes the space of your close friend’s house impressive. Simple design, durable material, possessing an impressive appearance with beautiful butterfly wing motifs, product is really a beautiful product that you should own. Meet a variety of decorative styles, suitable for all indoor spaces, when the user layout can be versatile and transformed H012-077-PC into vases, ornamental pots or pots of plants can be. With every space and interior style, it is suitable and contributes to make the space more attractive.
In short, this jar pot design is one of the premium and luxurious pots, suitable for planting trees and interior or exterior decoration. Good quality, will surely satisfy any difficult customer. You will enjoy an elegant, elegant life in a European style with all these cute interior decoration products.
Information about Garden cement pot:
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: milky brown.
– Simple, exquisite and luxurious design
– Used for living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 42 × 53