Bánh Tai Heo Cách Làm Đơn Giản – Homemade Pig Ear Cookies

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Gọi là Bánh Tai Heo sao không gọi là bánh Tai Lợn 🙂
Món bánh ăn vặt bình dân, cách làm đơn giản, dễ dàng.

Công Thức – Recipe:
Nguyên Liệu – Ingredients:
-200g bột mì ngang – All purpose flour
– 40g đường – Sugar
– 1 trứng gà lớn – Egg
– 30ml sữa tươi – Milk or water
– 1/4 tsp muối – Salt
– 1 tsp nước cốt chanh – Lime juice
Cho những người không hiểu Vietnamese trong clip
Direction Notes
– Mix all the ingredients, except cacao
– Knead 10 minutes or until smooth
– Divide into 2 portions with ratio 45% and 55%
– Add cocoa to small portion
– Roll out each portions into 3 mm thin rectangular sheets
– Lay the larger dough on the bottom. Brush milk on the surface of the sheet.
– Lay the small cocoa sheet on top. Brush milk all over the sheet.
– Roll the sheets into a cylinder from the bottom up.
– Wrap the cylinder dough and place in fridge for 1-2hrs
– Dust a cutting board with a little bit of flour and cut the dough into thinly slices.
-Deep fry in batches on medium heat until harden crispy. Instant Pot using saute program.
– Let them cool on drainer or towel paper
– Store in a airtight jar

source: https://otrasnoviaxeiro.com/

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