October 18, 2019

50 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage new Minecraft update is finally out! Here is everything new in minecraft 1.14

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Minecraft 1.14, the village and pillage update is absolutely HUGE! There were so many new updates added to the game over the course of many snapshots! We’ve covered the new features here on the channel but now they are available for all of you to play! We’ve got new villagers, foxes, trading, pandas, crafting, pillagers, items, blocks, mobs and more in minecraft. Seriously this is everything new in minecraft 1.14 and this is the new minecraft!


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✅ 50 New Updates by VelVoxel Raptor

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31 thoughts on “50 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.14

  1. You know that Fletching table and Smithing table #15 in this video at 6:13 …. Well, We think we just figured out what they'll be used for in Minecraft 1.15. https://youtu.be/GkaYadB015s Check this out!

  2. Hey logdotzip do u onow whats the future minecarft year u onow is… 2019 im not even kidding the 1.14 is fully release and the 1.15 is not fully release right guys who wants to comment me and like me

  3. on your cursed minecraft I want you to add this diamond sword that costs 9 diamond swords It says that it dose 1 million damage but it relly does 1 damage

  4. I was asking being because I have an Android and they don't have foxes one ther so mi d your on business I was just asking and it wasn't a personal question.

  5. 1 min in the video and I subscribed and like the video. I decided to return back to minecraft and this update video helped me out.

  6. My god, would you stop changing pov and crouching so much, some of us are just trying to watch an update video and older than the age of 9

  7. Guys I play Minecraft pe and somehow my version was switched to 1.12 from 1.14 could you help me get back to 1.14 please?

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