October 16, 2019

10 British slang phrases Americans DON'T understand!

This video shows 10 UK slang phrases that USA citizens DON’T understand! These phrases don’t exist in America and some of them are RUDE!
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37 thoughts on “10 British slang phrases Americans DON'T understand!

  1. I hope you enjoyed the video! Sign up to audible for a FREE audiobook : http://amzn.to/2ixYg3Z. You can also contribute subtitle translations here: http://bit.ly/britishslangsubtitles

  2. I haven't heard most of these
    the ones I've heard
    Number 3=play footy
    Number 5=but only the wee one none of the other ones
    Number 10=mint condition
    Obviously other British ppl might have heard others this is just what I've heard

    I'm British btw

  3. Are these southern sayings? I'm not English I'm American, but I've got some good friends from the north and their slang is a bit different. My Yorkshire friend got chewed out when we were in Exeter for saying "thanks love" to the bartender. In Otley everyone says it, similar to how older ladies in the American south call people sweetie, honey, &c.

  4. I don’t see why American football is called “football”. There really is not much feet stuff involved, in relation to the ball.

  5. "Bodged it up" — I might say, "botched it" or "fouled it up". I normally wouldn't say a slightly different version of "fouled it up" although it's common. Title of a book: "Buck Up, Suck Up, and Come Back When You Foul Up." The slightly different version gives that title a nice rhyme, and suggests fouling things up really bad.

    "Corn dog" — hot dog (Frankfurter) breaded in cornbread, often on a stick.

  6. Hello,
    Most interesting facts ,
    Thanks ! For this ,
    You are so precious girl ,
    You have to protect yourself from offendors and ringleaders…..
    God bless you !
    Love you ……..

  7. Have you done one on the significant spelling differences in American English. For example, gynaecologist(America gynecologist). Centre, honour, favourite, tyre, pyjama, draught, programme. There's quite a few.

  8. There must be a whole range of sayings that are understood only locally. I bet different parts of the country have their own slang expressions as we do in America.

  9. I'm Brazilian and I've lived a few years in Britain. Yes, some of the slangs are familiar, however, others make no sense to me.

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